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Inventions & Utility Models

The creators of new technologies do not always realize the need for timely identification of technical solutions in them that can be patented as inventions and utility models. Therefore, the involvement of a qualified patent attorney to develop and implement a patenting strategy for technical solutions of commercial value is necessary at the very early stages of the development of any new technology. The competence of a patent attorney consists equally of scientific and technical specialization, patent law education, which includes knowledge of constantly changing domestic and foreign patent laws and procedural rules, knowledge of one or several foreign languages, as well as professional experience and skills formed and accumulated over many years of practice.

Our company employs representatives of all high-demand scientific and technical specialties as patent attorneys, therefore, the process of patenting inventions and utility models of a client is always carried out by a patent attorney with a prestigious higher education, and possibly a scientific degree, in the relevant field of technology. If the client’s technology includes solutions from various fields of technology, then for its patenting we involve several patent attorneys. In any case, a personal patent attorney works with the client, who is his main consultant and with whom the client can discuss all issues of protecting and enforcing their patent rights.

The company’s patent attorney will not only help the client to identify protected inventions and utility models, but will also determine whether a search should be made for them to establish the state of the art; with the help of our professional draftsmen, will prepare patent drawings and figures necessary for client's patent and utility model applications; and in preparation for foreign patenting, in cooperation with our translators, will perform high-quality translation of patent documentation - materials of client applications.