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Maintenance of registered IP rights

Our law firm has a special division - Renewal Department - that is involved in maintenance of all kinds of industrial property rights. This Department includes Ukrainian patent and trademark attorneys assisted by high-qualified paralegals capable of provide you with whatever assistance needed to keep your IP rights valid by timely arranging and completing maintenance procedures in Ukraine and neighboring countries. The fees for our maintenance services are portfolio dependent what means the larger portfolio we maintain for our client the lower cost per each maintained item will be offered.

For many years we are accumulating knowledge and experience of countrywide variable regulations on post-grant and maintenance procedures and can now confidently act on your behalf in at least such countries as Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Bangladesh, China, Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Vietnam, where we can not only maintain your granted rights but also assist you with completing various recordal procedures, such as assignments, changes of owner’s name/address, recordals of merger/acquisition. Despite substantial differences in timelines and requirements for maintenance in recordal proceedings across the countries we always tend to propose you clear, stable and whenever possible – flat fee arrangements allowing you to plan the budget on our competitive proposals.

All our maintenance work is computerized and its result are securely stored what means you may treat us as your cloud-like archive and avoid accumulating paperwork in storages – at any time when you need we will be able to send you complete digitized copy of all maintenance and recordal history for each your item.