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Dispute Resolution and Litigation

One of our firm’s key service areas is legal support and settlement of IP disputes. Our experts have considerable experience at both national and international levels in handling infringement of patents, trademarks, copyright and related rights, software and databases, domain names, as well as disputes pertaining to authorship (inventorship) and establishment of IP rights, and disputes arising from IP contracts such as assignment, licensing and franchising, along with other disputes in the field of intellectual property.

We have an impressive track record in conducting various cases before judicial, administrative and law enforcement bodies. In particular, we have considerable experience representing Ukrainian and foreign clients’ interests before commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction, national and international arbitration forums, Ukrainian PTO and the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the police departments and customs authorities.

We provide an integrated approach to IP rights protection through our full range of services, which include:

  • advising on and preparing legal documents related to pre-trial or judicial settlement of disputes;
  • preparing and submitting warning letters to alleged offenders;
  • preparing and submitting statements of claims and appeals to competent courts, representing clients’ interests in domestic and international commercial courts, conciliation/mediation procedures and procedures related to amicable settlement of disputes;
  • preparing and filing complaints regarding illegal use of IP to customs authorities and police departments with the goal of bringing the alleged infringers before the competent courts, representing clients’ interests in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, including in connection to putting counterfeits on the market, misleading consumers regarding the products and their manufacturers, as well as the illegal acquisition and use of exclusive rights to trademarks and service marks.

We offer a personalised approach and strategy for each client, selecting the most effective tools to resolve their IP disputes.