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Brand protection on-line and off-line

Since 2018, Gorodissky & Partners Law Firm has strengthened existing legal practices and introduced advanced technologies in the field of on-line monitoring within the framework of the Gorodissky IP Security project, which allowed formulating a comprehensive approach to protecting intellectual property on the Internet (on-line) and for its limits (off-line).

The main objective of the project is the prompt detection of infringements on the Internet and their pre-trial elimination. This approach allows eliminating most of infringements on the Internet and identify the most serious infringers that must be dealt with using off-line tools (court proceedings, appeals to law enforcement bodies, customs response measures, etc.).

This approach is unique in the market for the provision of legal and IT services, allowing for the most efficient protection of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyright, to combat the spread of counterfeit products, fraud and other infringements on the Internet.

Gorodissky IP Security is a comprehensive protection of your intellectual property.

More information can be found on the project website GorodisskyIPSecurity.com.