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Trademark search

Search is one of the most important works being done by our trademark attorneys.
Trademark search enables applicants to obtain timely and adequate information on the existence of similar or identical designations registered and claimed for registration as trademarks, the information on which is published in the State and international registries, as well as contained in other information sources in order to check designations intended to be used and registered as trademarks for compliance with the provisions of the law relating to a possible violation of the rights of third parties (availability search).

Our firm offers a flexible approach to searches in terms of time, financial, and other customers’ preferences. In particular, our customers have the following search options:

  • official trademark search (conducted by Ukrainian PTO based on information published and available in the official sources of information)
  • trademark search (held by our specialists based on the information contained in various sources of information available to our company, in which the current data on both trademark applications and registrations may be obtained)
  • search by the owner of the mark (makes it possible to identify all applications and registrations in the name of a particular company)
  • search among firm names.

The territory of the searches covered by the trademark attorneys of our firm, is not limited by the boundaries of the Ukraine but can be extended to other countries.