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Unfair competition and false advertising

One of the main objectives of IP rights is to protect against competitors. However, not all situations can be resolved using IP legislation only. Anti-monopoly laws and advertising laws also provide reliable methods of protection for IP rights, enabling IP owners to enforce their rights against competitors that use unfair competition or unfair/false advertising. Besides, the term ‘unfair competition’ applies to any actions taken by economic entities aimed at benefitting their own business that are against the law or business customs, reasonableness and fairness, and have caused or may cause damages to other economic entities or have caused or may damage to these competitors’ business reputation. ‘Unfair adverting’ refers to any advertising that creates unfair competition, including the ‘deceptive advertising’ - any advertisement that contains information not corresponding to the reality, including information about exclusive third-party IP rights.

We have vast experience in precluding various forms of unfair competition and unfair/false advertising.

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