Human genius is the source of all works of art and invention. Their works are the guarantee of a life worthy of men. (Dr. Arpad Bogsch)

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Patent clearance search

The patent clearance search is aimed at the establishment of fact whether you can legally bring your invention, protected by patent, to new market.

The quality of patent clearance research is largely determined by the Expert’s technical and scientific education, experience and competence, which enables him to understand correctly the structure of the subject. Where engineering solutions in the subject under investigation may simultaneously relate to several fields of science, knowledge and experience of several experts in these fields might be necessary. Furthermore, in cases where a third party’s product allegedly infringe your patent, it is not an uncommon citation where the only subject of research available is a marketed product that must be purchased legally and scrutinised – for example, by completely dismantling it and investigating all its components, or by analysing a substance physically and chemically.

As the price of mistake is high it is important to know whether the chosen experts are sufficiently qualified and skilled in patent clearance searches to prepare a reliable and informative clearance opinion.

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